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India's 1st Flame Retardant RoSH Compliant cable with UNI-5 Conductor. Triple Layers for Triple Protection No Loose contact, No Broken ends. No sparking & overheating. Emmflex is India's top Uni-5 unlay wire manufacturers.

Application :

    Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation. Ideal for high density wiring.

Conductor :

    Thin strands of Electrolytic Copper are multidrawn simultaneoysly for uniformity of resistance, Dimension and Flexibility. The drawn strands are uni-laid in high precision machines and compacted. A perfectly circullar conducto is thus formed. This enables reduction in overall diameter for space saving in high density wiring. The strands do not get cut when stripping the insulation. The conductor offers perfect contact at pins, terminals and sockets. This eliminates spot heating and sparking.

Marking :

    The cables are printed with generic marking of 'UNI-5 FR'

Colours :

    Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, White, Grey.

Insulation :

    Specially formulated Lead Free+Flame Retardant PVC insulation is used. The FR (Flame Retardant) property retards the propagation of flame without compromising safety.

Size, Dimensions and Ratings

Conductor Area (sq. mm) Insulation Thickness (MM) Number * Nominal Dia. of Strands Approx Overall Dia. (mm) DC Conductor Resistance (/Km) at 20°C (Max) Current Rating Amps.
Casing Concealed
1 0.7 19/0.26 2.6 18.1 14 13
1.5 0.7 19/0.32 3.0 12.1 18 16
2.5 0.8 37/0.29 3.6 7.41 24 20
4 0.8 37/0.37 4.2 4.61 32 26


Test Test Method Specified Value
Critical Oxygen Index IS : 10810 Part 58 Oxygen Index Minium 29%
Temperature Index IS : 10810 Part 64 Min. Temp Index 2500 C At 21% Oxygen

Uni 5 Unlay Wire Manufacturers

Ensure the safety of your house with Uni-5 unlay Flame Retardant RoSH Compliant house wire from Emmflex Group. This best value wires don’t get overheated and hence are long lasting and durable. Grab this Uni-5 unlay Heat Resistant Flame Retardant insulated copper house wire nest quality wire today that can be used at various house and buildings. If you are looking Uni 5 unlay wire manufacturers, you are right place here. We are leading Uni 5 unlay wire manufacturers in India.

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